Monday, June 20, 2011

Military Theme

A bunch of thank you to Aizaac's parents "Pn. Sharifah Sheena & En. Amirul" for hiring us.
Also not forget to thank to Ms. Lena, their Personal Assistant for helping us in making it more glamourous party ever.
The event was celebrated at KGSAAS Shah Alam. It was a such wonderful party.
We were really glad once got the feedback from them, that everyone love the decorations and the favors as well...
We are looking forward to hear from them for the next coming event, and hope that we can serve better in future.
Good job everyone!!!!...

Personalized Jellybeans

Personalized Cookies

Personalized Bubbles

Personalized Centrepiece

Personalized Cupcake Topper

Personalized Cupcake

Personalized Themed Birthday Cake

Main Table Setting

Personalized Packaging

Personalized Bunting

Personalized Banner

Hall Decorations

Lieutenant Aizaac, Mommy & Daddy

Aizaac's 3rd Birthday Party
KGSAAS Shah Alam

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ultraman Theme

For the 3rd time, Pn. Izyani once again chose Little Favors
to make something simple yet special for Iman's 5th Birthday.
Same as last year, the celebration was held at his school.
It was a bit tough to figure out for his favors since he do has too
many of Ultraman collection already...hehe
Finally, we given something useful for those who will have it.
Thanks again to Pn. Izyani.

Ultraman Theme Cake (3D)

Ultraman Coin Bank

Ultraman Stickers

Ultraman Party Pack

Ultraman Theme Party Favors

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Lilac Theme

Thanks to Tg. Yuhanis for introducing Kak Mel to Little Favors.
Not forget to thank to Kak Mel as well.
It was a great opportunity to make the favors for her daughter Kyra.
I was really thankful that we manage to make it, even though in short period time.
So glad, that every one love it so much.