Wednesday, January 23, 2013


It's for Rayyan Ziqkry...

Mix and Match

This one is for Pn. Zura again. It is for her son Mukhriz.
I was so proud and happy that all his classmates and teacher love it very very much.

Adelia's 2nd Celebration Hello Kitty and Angry Bird

Adelia's second celebration!
She made separate favors for her guest..boys & girls.
Definitely, Hello Kitty for the girls and Angry Bird for the boys.
However, her cake was "Strawberry Shortcake"....


Angry Bird for Boys


I wanna say a bunch of thank you to my most loyal client.
Actually, a bunch is not enough I guess..hehe!
A millions of thanks to Pn. Zura for your support since beginning till today.

This event was for her daughter "Adelia"...
Don't be surprise..she celebrate it for 2 times..
This is the first one with "yellow theme"