Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hello Kitty

Zillion of apologies to my lovely friend "Achique" for not uploading the cake photos.
I just found the files that I saved these photos.
Many thanks to Achique for the order. The cake was for her beloved niece as she is such a caring woman...:))

Friday, November 26, 2010

Butterfly Theme

Alhamdulillah...everything went well.
Birthday Girl "Allyna" is my daughter's best friend. She does love butterfly so much.
So that, she requested her birthday theme for this year was a "butterfly theme". Thousands of thank you to her mother
"Datin Hanizah" for being very supportive towards Little Favors and to me personally.
This party had such adorable details that you will not want to miss..I love all the, favors, cake, decorations and butterflies.

I have been changed the design of the packaging for this party. It is my new design/collection.
For those interested, please have a look at the image below.

Personalized Paperbag

Paper Doll & Mini Cubic Puzzle

Personalized Notepad for Girls

Themed Chocolate with Stick

Butterfly Keychain & Flying Glider

Personalized Notepad for Boys

Roller Ink Stamp & Mini Parachute

Colorful Candy & Bracelet with Personalized Tag

Personalized Birthday Cake - Fondant Icing

Bunting with Stand

For Birthday Girl

Cake Cutting

Monday, November 15, 2010

Fairy In The Garden Theme

Thousands of thank you to Pn. Hani & Family for hiring Little Favors.
The favors were special made for her lovely daughter - Haifaa Huda.
Haifaa celebrated her 1st Birthday with wonderful friends, families and favors too...

Personalized Bubble

Personalized Jellybeans

Personalized Chocolate Bar 40g-Cadbury

Personalized Notepad with Wire O'

Personalized Die Cut -Tags

Personalized Packaging - Transparent Clear Plastic

Personalized Themed Cake

Monday, July 12, 2010

Hannah Montana Theme

Many thanks to Ms. Shiamala for choosing Little Favors.
Hannah Montana theme was chosen by her daughter-Haarenee for her 10th birthday party.
Here are some favors that i did for her birthday.

Party Favors for Friends.
Personalized Notepads

Personalized Crayons

Personalized Vanilla Cookies

Personalized Jellybeans

Personalized Button Badges

Personalized Packaging

Party Favors for Teachers.
Personalized Shot Glass


Personalized Packaging - Organza Pouch Bag

Favors for Teachers