Monday, November 15, 2010

Fairy In The Garden Theme

Thousands of thank you to Pn. Hani & Family for hiring Little Favors.
The favors were special made for her lovely daughter - Haifaa Huda.
Haifaa celebrated her 1st Birthday with wonderful friends, families and favors too...

Personalized Bubble

Personalized Jellybeans

Personalized Chocolate Bar 40g-Cadbury

Personalized Notepad with Wire O'

Personalized Die Cut -Tags

Personalized Packaging - Transparent Clear Plastic

Personalized Themed Cake


  1. Dear Noreen, everything was beautiful!! like i text u la, sume org puji n tnye...really glad to have you for the party favors..surely will have you again for the next party!!
    P/s: siap ada org take the same design as Haifaa cake...with the block letters...hihi..cute

  2. thx for the compliment dear. Really great to hear that.
    Hope we can serve you better in your future event...:))