Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Butterfly & Flower Theme

As usual I would like to thank Pn Izyani for choosing Little Favors.
I was really happy and satisfied for doing her daughter Party Favors, she gave me a chance to do my own design. (without any specific theme).
It was a wonderful experience. I felt grateful when the Birthday Girl (Sofea) said that she like it very much.

Party Favors for Teachers

Personalized Shot Glass with JellyBeans

Personalized Shot Glass

Party Favors for Sofea's Classmates
Personalized Drinking Bottle

Favors for Boys

Favors for Girls (Bracelet/Necklace)

Personalized Cookies

Personalized JellyBeans

Theme Pencils

Personalized Bubbles

Paper Clip (Complimentary Gift)

Personalized Notepad for Sofea's Classmates

Personalized Notepad for Teachers

Personalized Paper Bag

Party Favors for Boys & Girls

Theme/Personalized Birthday Cake
(Fondant Icing Cake)

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