Sunday, June 13, 2010

Cars Disney Theme

Thanks a lot to Pn. Izian for choosing Little Favors.
The birthday was for her son's 1st birthday party celebration.
She chose a "Disney Cars Theme" for her son's party favors.
Since it was a last minute order, I was unable to personalized so much things.

So, we decided to have a stationary set besides personalized notepad.
Here are some of the photos of Chokhmah's 1st Birthday Party.

Cars Disney Stationaries

Personalized Notepads

Party Pack with Personalized Tags


  1. noreen..everyone likes the favor..thanks so much for your help..everyone was asking about it...good work noreen!!and good luck!!

  2. million of thanks to you Izian...
    I am so happy that everyone likes it.

  3. This idea for Car theme is what I am looking for, I think my son would love having a party with Disney Car theme. Thank you for sharing this. Cars Party Supplies

  4. Thx dear, may I have your email add for my references.
    Hv a good day.

  5. hey noreen i want the exact same favours for my babies 1st birthday .... my id is reply asap :)