Monday, January 24, 2011

Military Theme

Alhamdulillah...everything went well.
I'm so glad, Little Favors was hired again by Pn. Zura for her kids birthdays.
Thanks to birthday boy "Mukhriz" & birthday girl "Adelia" for giving me a challenging
themes to design for their special birthdays.
I was so proud and happy as Pn. Zura told me that everybody..all guests especially kids
love the favors and cakes so much.
Also thanks a lot to our "emcee", Ms. Juliana for doing a great job.

Personalized T-Shirt
for everyone

Accessories - Weapons

Accessories - Little Tank

Army Troopers


Jet Fighter

Personalized Jellybeans

"New Packaging"
for Jellybeans

Personalized Paperbag

Personalized Flavored Drinks

Personalized Tank Cake

Personalized Princess Cake

Personalized Invitation Card

KLGCC - Banquet Hall

Venue : KLGCC Bukit Kiara

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