Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Elmo Theme

Nothing much to shout...Elmo Theme was back!
We were struggling to finish those items as time was limited.
It was worth to be done.
Thx to "S" for choosing us "Little Favors"....I hope all of you enjoyed the party..

Elmo Party Items

Personalized Stationary Set

Personalized Elmo Ruler

Personalized Elmo Party Hat

Personalized Elmo Party Blower

Personalized Elmo Eraser

Personalized Elmo Crayons

Personalized Elmo Bubble

Red Hexagon 2B Pencil

Personalized Party Pack

Personalized Elmo Paper Cup

Personalized Elmo Partyware & Napkin

Forks & Spoons


  1. hi... i need you favour for making elmo birthday theme... how i can deal with you??

  2. How to order Elmo stuff

    1. Hi dear, pls email to littlefavors@gmail.com
      Thanks for visiting my blog...